Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Stepping Up to Love' by Katie O’Boyle


This book deals openly, honestly, and with no holds barred about a couple of tough subjects: alcoholism and abuse.
The reader is pulled right in at the very first with a terrified Manda trying to sleep in her car at work. The story is less about Manda getting away from her abuser, though, and more about both Manda and Joel dealing with their own internal demons. With the help of AA and the 12 step program, they realize they have to take the time to heal so they can be the people they are supposed to be for each other.
Inspirational without being preachy, Stepping Up to Love shows just how relationships are supposed to work.
This is the first book of the series and that makes me happy. I’m looking forward to reading the next which I hope will revisit not only the area but the characters as well (a Justin/Gwen pairing, maybe?). Recommended.

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