Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Book Review: 'Someone to Watch Over Me' by Jerrie Alexander


Stacey’s problems are multiplying by the minute.
Ms. Alexander packed a lot of history into a rather short book. Stacey’s fear and frustration are palpable, giving the story a real sense of urgency. I found myself racing through the pages wondering just how many people wanted Stacey dead. The list of likely suspects is short, but can Stacey and Cash look beyond their painful past in time to save Stacey’s life?
At first, Stacey and Cash are a complicated couple, but once they clear up a major misunderstanding, their relationship progresses very quickly. Since Stacey and Cash have a long history, I found it easy to believe they would become serious so soon. They make a great couple and certainly have chemistry to burn.
I do wish Stacey and Cash had been a bit more rounded. Stacey struck me as the typical rich girl trying to get out from under her father’s thumb. Cash is the classic poor boy trying to make it on his own and prove his worth. While I really enjoyed the plot of their story, Stacey and Cash never really moved beyond being character types in my mind. Despite this issue, Stacey and Cash are likable, and I enjoyed watching them reconnect.
While I managed to figure out who was behind Stacey’s disappearance, I was blindsided by the culprit’s motivation. Ms. Alexander revealed a huge twist right at the end of the story that I found confusing and a bit out of place. Despite this issue, I think the conclusion as a whole was satisfying, if a bit odd.
Someone to Watch Over Me is intense and fast paced. Looking for a fun book to spend the afternoon with? Someone to Watch Over Me might be the romantic suspense for you.

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