Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Slide Down on Me' by Lissa Matthews


Travis and Bella have wanted each other for years, even though their situations kept them apart. Now Bella is a former heiress, and most of the town hates her because of her brother, and then her car breaks down … it’s pretty obvious that things aren’t going well in her life.
All that comes to a head when Travis offers his creative solution to her car troubles, and since they both have lusted after each other for years, they both are on board. From there the story becomes one blazing hot scene after another. It’s not all sex, though the very creative sex scenes do add a lot of spice and an initial way for Travis and Bella to connect.
Their relationship becomes more and builds in a believable and well done manner. I truly believed that two people who enjoy each other bodies, could make an actual relationship work. I highly recommend this story, and I know I will pick up more stories from Ms. Matthews.

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