Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Savage Deception' by R.T. Wolfe

Cover_Savage Deception

In a word… Awesome!
Savage Deception was a fantastic romantic suspense that kept me turning pages. While it’s technically the start of a new series, it directly follows another book in a previous series. When I first started reading Savage Deception, I hadn’t read that other book, and have to admit to being pretty confused. I don’t think it stands alone well … though I might have gotten things sorted over time, if I wasn’t already a big fan of the author, I might not have kept reading.
What I did do is read that other book and once that was cleared up, it was full speed ahead! Now I was fully engaged and loving every word. The plot here was tightly created with plenty of twists I wasn’t expecting. The heroine, Nickie, is put through the wringer here with her past bumping into the present and she finds out some things that nearly break her.
Don’t worry… she has Duncan. And he’s the most awesome boyfriend ever. I really do love the man and wouldn’t hesitate to steal him away from her if I could. He’s not perfect, thankfully, but his flaws make him that much more wonderful. I really love their relationship, and it developed well here. It’s sweet and romantic, hot and sexy, and really very realistic. They have their ups and downs, but thankfully they know they can trust each other and that makes everything work.
The secondary characters here were just as great as ever. Duncan’s family is so much fun. I really love them all and am glad to be able to keep up with what they’re doing. Nickie has a surrogate family, since her biological one is worse than useless. Her captain, her foster mom … they’re really what give her a solid foundation.
My confusion at the start, along with a few editing errors (the first I remember seeing in Ms. Wolfe’s books — these were wrong words or typos) are all that kept this from being rated higher. I really did enjoy the story once I got my head wrapped around it. It was everything romantic suspense should be: exciting, interesting, well plotted, romantic and had a solid, satisfying wrap up.
I’m sold on this new series and excited to continue on with Nickie Savage, at least as long as I get the whole crew of characters along with her!

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