Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Rhythm of Three' by Kelly Jamieson


Day one after the honeymoon period ends. Actually, Rhythm of Three begins the day after Chris, Kassidy and Dag have decided they can’t live without one another. They thought they had some rough roads to hoe getting to that point, now they have a new monumental hurdle, telling their families and friends.
I first fell in love with these three in Rule of Three. The unlikely chance that Chris and Kass would welcome Dag into their relationship becomes a reality and I, like many other readers, didn’t want their story to end. Ms. Jamieson listened to her readers and gave us the rest of their story. So full of tension and oh, so very hot!
I think what I liked most about this book is how it showed the triad dealing with real life situations with honest emotions. The thought of telling their parents is stressful, not telling their friends and dealing with fallout and watching Chris, especially, work through this new side of himself, it all brought realistic tension into the story. There was no option to stop reading. The love between them is so vividly painted by the author; I was completely vested in their HEA. These three people had made a very adult and consensual decision and there were consequences. I like that Ms. Jamieson didn’t sugarcoat that fact or ignore it. She dealt with it.
This story works fine as a stand-alone for readers who don’t mind jumping into the middle of a relationship but I would highly suggest reading Rule of Three first to fully appreciate how this relationship came to be. This story gives closure to Chris, Kass and Dag’s story in a way that left me knowing that through the happy times and bad these three would work it out and live happily ever after. That’s a good ending.

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