Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Reined In' by Delilah Devlin


Stormy Jordan is a spoiled brat. She knows it. Her dad knows it. The men who have pined after her since before she left for college know it. Now she’s home thinking it might be her last chance to see if a hot spanking and a melting kiss meant as much to them as it did to her. Her biggest fear is having to choose and then having to explain to her dad why simply she can’t choose. Too bad Stormy’s been away from home for so long. She’s most definitely going to be surprised at how things in this Lone Star town have changed.
This book called to me with its feisty, smart mouthed heroine, two hot cowboys and a nice touch of BDSM thrown in. It’s all rolled together, I knew going in, and having read other stories by this author, that it was sure to be some smoking hot fun. Ms. Devlin didn’t disappoint.
Stormy was a fun character because it was easy to root for her to be disciplined. That might sound strange, or not for readers who frequently read BDSM, but she was asking for it. Over and over. And Joe and Cam gave it to her. Over and over. The push/pull dynamic doesn’t work in every relationship but these three understood each others strengths and weaknesses. they complimented each other and that made for a good menage story.
Joe and Cam worked liked two halves of whole even though they were friends rather than blood related. When Joe played the alpha, Cam tended to be the softy. It was nice to see that they could switch roles when the situation called for it, too. Ms. Devlin did a good job building the tension and even teasing with future possibilities for the future of this trio.
I haven’t read all of the books in this series, yet, but I met some interesting groupings at the barn dance and that sent me on a search for more Lone Star Lovers. If alpha males, mouthy heroines who need a strong hand and some red hot menage lovin’ is to your taste, I would suggest giving Reined In a go. Short story, big on fun.

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