Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Recklessly Royal' by Nichole Chase


Recklessly Royal is a sequel to Suddenly Royal and I highly recommend reading the first installment before reading the second one.
Cathy wants to be loved because she is a woman, but that is not easy when this woman comes with a title: Princess.
Princess Catharine was born as a princess and her whole life she dated men who either wanted to marry her to become closer to the throne or to sleep with her in order to brag with that fact, until David. David is an American who does not care about titles and royalties, but cares deeply about Catharine.
The attraction between Cathy and David is instant and it starts on the first few pages of the story, only to be pushed back a little in order to focus more on the life of Cathy as a princess and than just to get back in a full swing in the last third of the story. I really like the way the author develops the plot line, not just focusing on the romance of Cathy and David, but also giving me an insight into a life of princess. I found the author’s description very genuine, and I think that she did a marvelous job with Cathy’s character. Cathy is a great princess; she is not spoiled or vain. On the contrary, she is compassionate, with a big heart and she is well aware of all the things that her title is carries with it. She is very mature for her age. But because of all that she is having a hard time relaxing and being herself, fortunately, in the end, with the help of David she manages to experience some other things beside royal duties.
I enjoyed this story tremendously, it is funny, the romance does not have any up and downs (but the plot has an interesting one), and it has few hot sex scenes. As a fan of Suddenly Royal I was very happy to see some of the secondary characters back in this story. All in all, a great read and wonderful sequel. I am eagerly waiting for the next installment in the series.

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