Thursday, May 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Private Party' by Anne Kane


Brandi Winter is down on her luck. She’s recently lost her job and her husband’s deserted her. With the pile of bills stacking up she is badly in need of a job. The position for a hostess at a local after hours club sparks her interest so she applies. The guy she dumped ten years ago, Greg Bridger, is conducting the interview and she’s surprised to find out the quiet geek she once knew now owns several adult lounges and to see he’s looking physically fit to boot. Greg offers Brandy a job to accompany him as arm candy to an adult costume affair. Brandy accepts and a contract is drawn up.
I didn’t feel the sparks between Brandi and Greg. I found it for them to have been absent from one another for ten years, and not need to catch up on life events. Basically they caught up on their sexual needs. No wining and dining to get reacquainted. Come to think of it, the author didn’t cover any feelings or bond that they shared in high school, maybe that’s why it seems there aren’t any sparks between the two. Greg wasn’t curious as to why Brandi dumped him years ago, there is no animosity nor does he ask what happened to her marriage…basically he welcomed her with open arms, no questions asked.

I like that the story was short, to the point and wasn’t dragged out. I like how the author turned things around for Brandi for the better. She goes from down on her luck to meeting pretty much the perfect man. Greg has the sex appeal, carries himself with self assurance and not overbearing nor too confident. He is financially well off and continues to pursue business ventures. It appears he has never stopped loving Brandi and wants to give her what she needs and want. What girl couldn’t be happy with a guy like this? He doesn’t have a lot of experience with women, but seems to be in tune with his sexual self and has a creative sexual mind. To have such detailed adult parties, and specialty rooms in his mansion is really a creative idea, and the author did a great job in including this to the story line, kicking it up a notch. The scenes within the private rooms are hot and sure to give a reader some heat, and at the adult party there is voyeurism, role playing, light sexual spanking and oral sex. For the story to be short the author did cover quite a bit in the story line.

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