Saturday, May 19, 2018

Book Review: 'The Phantom' by Jocelyn Leveret


It’s hard to tell which urban legends are based on true stories and which ones are completely fictional. Luckily, Sasha isn’t about to let this stop her search for The Phantom.
The relationship between Sasha and her best friend, Beth, is the linchpin of this tale. Their conversations create some of the most memorable moments of this piece. They truly seem to know one another extremely well, and I learned quite a bit about both characters by observing how they behave when they’re together.
I had a hard time understanding why Sasha remains in a relationship with a man who has so many negative qualities. Geoff is immature, selfish, and lazy, and he is written in such a way that it’s difficult for me to think of anything positive to say about him. It would have been nice to see the side of him that initially attracted Sasha in order to understand why they’ve remained together for so many years.
The sex scenes are lighthearted and playful. The BDSM elements don’t show up in every encounter, and when they do appear they are fairly tame. I especially enjoyed Sasha’s dreams that occasionally appear in italics before new chapters. They appear just often enough to whet my appetite for what Sasha hopes she will find if her mission is successful.
During the first half of the book I kept wishing I knew more about The Phantom’s origins. What Sasha discovers propels the plot forward, and while I would have liked to learn more I understand why the author made certain decisions about what she did and did not include in this particular subplot. It would be really interesting to read a sequel to this story, though, and I hope Ms. Leveret considers writing it.
The Phantom is a good choice for anyone in the mood for a mixed genre story that is as erotic as it is entertaining.

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