Monday, May 7, 2018

Book Review: 'Pack Hunter' by Crissy Smith


Clint and Sara seem to have a similar goal in life, to protect those around them. Clint has done this most of his life by joining the service, as well as protecting his shifter friends and allies. Sara also has this drive, either just ingrained in her from birth, or by seeing her father the sheriff doing it for years. Together they make one heck of a team, including in the bedroom.
I had been introduced to Clint in previous stories, yet I still didn’t know much about him. I enjoyed the little bit of intrigue I had about him from the beginning. Clint is clearly a man who takes personal pride in his duty, which includes protecting those around him. He is even willing to sacrifice himself to accomplish this. He also has a way of accepting others that I found charming. While Sarah is human he doesn’t seem to care, and accepts her and those she holds dear almost immediately. He is a superhero in my eyes.
Sarah is not to be outdone by Clint. She too protects those she holds dear with the fierceness I would expect from a strong woman like herself. She accepts shifters, and the world around her, with a certain amount of bravado that others would not be capable of.
This story picks up where the last one ended. It can be read alone, but there may be a little disconnect with some of the conflict. I will say that most of these stories in this series are so addictive that you can read through them quickly, so going back to get acquainted with the other characters and previous plot build will not be a challenge. I have and will continue to recommend author Crissy Smith and The Were Chronicles to anyone looking for an entertaining shifter story, especially if you like a little spice.

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