Thursday, May 24, 2018

Book Review: 'One Night Ever After' by Tere Michaels, Elle Brownlee, and Elizah J. Davis


This is anthology of short stories featuring gay lovers in some unique situations.  Just a Drive by Tere Michaels and Just a Stranger by Elle Brownlee are very enjoyable.
Just a Drive deals with friendships, loyalty and relationships. What begins as a one-night-stand evolves into a story of two strangers bonding and helping each other. As the story evolves, we get a glimpse of what life was like for Wyatt as a gay teenager in a small town. I was very impressed with the way the author deals with such a sensitive matter. We are exposed to the bigotry Wyatt survived and was able to leave behind. Through all of this, his new friend Benji remains loyal and at his side. I was very moved by the degree of closeness the story conveys as these two characters survive a family emergency and their budding affair.
Just a Stranger focuses on families and commitment. Families come in shapes, sizes and combination of genders. This moving story will make you think again as to what it takes to create a family bond. No longer is there a need to always have a female/ male combination to represent mother and father. Children can be happy in any stable environment where love is a priority.
But my favorite is the last story called Just a Weekend by Elizah Davis.
This is love story that begins as a one-night stand hook-up. Their one night of passion evolves into a weekend where by plot twists, Devin and James end up spending quality time together and getting to know each. They are both able to slow down and savor the knowledge that what they have is a friendship that is growing and worth giving it a chance.
These characters are gentle and tender. You soon forget that these are two men… the relationship they are building could apply to any gender.
Can a weekend fling really have a chance to become more? Go ahead, read this story and you tell me if at the end you don’t have a silly grin on your face!

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