Saturday, May 12, 2018

Book Review: 'Mr. Fix It' by Emily Cale


Jenni Collins is attempting some Do-It-Yourself home renovations, but hasn’t managed to succeed in doing more than breaking a family heirloom and give herself some cuts and scrapes. About to indulge in some wine therapy, Jenni’s problems are interrupted by her sexy neighbor, Rick Maas. Accepting his kind offer for help, Jenni is determined to keep her mind off all the other uses she can think of for Rick. But Rick has more than some strings-free help on his mind, and nothing today has been going according to Jenni’s plan, so soon her platonic promises give way to some steamy kisses, and lots more.
This is a fun and sexy short story, full of chemistry between Jenni and Rick and plenty of funny but sweet mishaps.  I had a lot of fun reading their antics. I was immensely relieved when Jenni didn’t just fall immediately all over Rick. Even though they both make clear from the outset they’re interested in one another, the author didn’t rush their coming together. As readers we’re given a bit of time to know Jenni and Rick and we can watch them interact – that sensual to-and-fro of two lovers coming together – before the main event. I found this helped with the pacing, letting it progress with a natural feel, but also not leaving us feeling shorted by a too-quick wrap up at the end. The plot of the sexy neighbor helping with a bit of home renovations wasn’t too new or fresh, but my interest in the characters and the good pacing helped me still want to know what happened next and turn the pages.
I found this to be a well written short story, with interesting characters and some smoking hot sex. Raunchy enough to need a glass of cold water nearby, but not so shocking that you couldn’t share it with your best friend, this is a good blend of naughty and nice and perfect for a quick, happy read.

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