Saturday, May 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Meadow’s Keep' by Shanon Grey


Jasmine Monroe has taken a long time to recover from the ordeal she suffered in the first book of The Gatekeepers (The Shoppe of Spells), but now she feels whole again and able to cope with life in general. Then she meets Eryk Vreeland, a magician who is identical to her good friend Dorian. All except for the eyes. His facetted emerald green eyes are the duplicate of Morgan’s – Dorian’s wife.
Jasmine, Dorian and Morgan are all descendants of the original settlers of Rutherford. The people there have special powers and these three are no exception. Jasmine reports the existence of Eryk to Bask (the managing director of Abbot House which is technically the protector of Rutherford). From that point on Jasmine’s life is not her own. She and Eryk become a team and Eryk is introduced to Dorian and Morgan, the Gatekeepers at the Shoppe of Spells who keep the Gulatega from travelling through the portal to Earth.
Once again mystery and magic combine in the Rutherford descendants. Their ability to see people’s auras, move objects, repel invaders to their world, all these things make the town a safe haven. Add to this the knowledge when a couple become intimate they become match-mated for life and work their magic as a pair. This means Jasmine and Eryk must struggle to control their emotions or forever be entwined in love.
The story pulled me in and kept me there. Jasmine’s past made her a strong person and Eryk’s disbelief in real magical events made for some interesting discussions between the two. Two resilient personalities who fight against evil and the people who wield evil. I did wonder if they were right for each other, or if their identities were too much for each other. Was I right or wrong? Only a someone who’s read the book can tell you that and I’m not going to spoil it for future readers.
I waited patiently for this second book of The Gatekeepers to appear as I thoroughly enjoyed the first one. Ms Grey did not disappoint me. I literally couldn’t put this book down, and when life forced me to I hurried back to it as soon as possible. I look forward to the third in the series – Second Chances.

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