Monday, May 14, 2018

Book Review: 'Making Over Maris' by Sabrina York


I adore friends to lovers stories, and Making Over Maris is an interesting take on that trope. Ms. York does a great job of building great characters that made me want to invest the time in them. Jack is a very interesting and flawed character. I enjoyed seeing the lengths that Jack is willing to go in order to win Sara over.
Sara is an amazing example of a good Femdom. The emotions evoked by the rejections in Sara’s past really brought out some serious sympathy on my part. Ms. York does a great job intertwining the BDSM and showing that woman can be the dominant partner in a relationship and that it can be just as hot as a male dominant.
There is a lot of geek speak that added humor to the story and made my inner geek very happy. This is a sweet but very hot erotic romance. The story easily held me captive and kept me reading in one sitting.
I really enjoyed the interaction between these two characters and the way Sara worked so hard to help Jack and he worked so hard to get her to fall in love with him as much as he already loves her. Sara could be a bit abrupt and a tiny bit abrasive but I honestly thought that it made her more real. With the way she’s been rejected and treated in the past, I would have been annoyed if she’d been perfect and unaffected instead she had very real human flaws that I enjoyed.
I definitely recommend this story and truly believe it could be read all by itself. It’s a great story from an author and I will make a habit to check out more from her in the future.

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