Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Lovers of Her Dreams' by Julia Talbot


What happens in dreams stays in dreams, right? Not when there’s magic in the room.
Savannah doesn’t want to believe in magic but there’s a part of her, buried deep, that can’t help but reach for what she knows to be truth. The reader isn’t given a real clear picture of where she came from but it is clear that her upbringing was strict and not always pleasant. I had no trouble feeling empathy for her situation and cheering for her to find a HEA with both Ryder and Tim.
Tim and Ryder are beautiful together. They’re so different in looks and personality but they mesh just right. I really liked the idea of Tim being a dream walker. That was a new twist on shifter story. He’s human but he has the ability to enter and interact with people in their dreams. Up until he started slipping into Savannah’s dreams, he’d only been able to play in the dream but there was never any evidence of his visit. That all changed when he and Ryder seduced and marked Savannah in a dream. It was meant to be, though. She needed them and they needed her.
Julia Talbot loves to write about shifters. It’s evident in her books. She practically pets them just to hear them purr. It’s in the dialogue and tension she builds between the characters. The men are intense and it isn’t just their woman they make all squirmy. The story isn’t heavy on plot but it is very character centric.
If I had to a single issue with the book it would have to be that I wanted there to be some closure for Savannah. She has a history and it’s interesting. Who are these people who took her in as a child and why were they so determined to make her deny magic? To feel like a freak and refuse to be true to herself? I wanted to know more about them but only for the sake of seeing them have to come to terms with what she is and how they made her feel.
I reach for Julia Talbot stories when the need for a good hot shifter book strikes me. They aren’t typically long but they are always satisfying. She writes some smoking M/M fun and it only gets better when she gives them a female to play with. Her books allow me to be a cybervoyer with no shame. It’s all just a good, no so clean, dirty fun read. If that sounds like your cup of tea, give Lovers of Her Dreams a try and don’t be surprised when you seek out more by this talented storyteller.

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