Sunday, May 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Loup-Garou For You' by Katalina Leon


Aubert is a man of honor with much responsibility, so when the physical changes start to take over him he realizes he needs to hide it from the people who depend on him for everything.
Corrine is a strange and mysterious woman from the beginning of the story to the end. While I understood the need to keep her so distant from Aubert until necessary, I would have liked to have had an better idea of who she was. I felt as if I really did not know who she was, which made it more difficult for me to fully appreciate the budding romance between her and Aubert.
Aubert’s character was one I did get to appreciate since the better part of the story was based around him and his transition to loup-garou. Especially his inability to control his natural urges during his period of transition. For a man who is so used to being in control and proper, it was entertaining to see him lose his cool.
It was fascinating to learn about the history of both Aubert and his family throughout the story. On many instances I felt the flashbacks of the past were even more entertaining than the present, especially since it helped to build the romantic development between Aubert and Corrine. The present sometimes seemed to focused on Aubert and his own thoughts, urges, and issues and not enough about the relationship between him and Corrine. The antagonistic conflict and the mysterious circumstances around Corrine and the Loup-garou were enthralling, though. The mystery of it all really kept me wanting to read more and find out the story.

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