Friday, May 11, 2018

Book Review: 'Let It Snow' by Heidi Cullinan


Frankie Blackburn hates small towns, they’re scary places for a gay man who some call too feminine. Marcus Gardner looks like one of those reasons that a small town is so scary for Frankie.
He’s surprised to learn that Marcus and his friends are actually gay and yet still very very manly. This story relies on the forced proximity of being trapped in a cabin, add in Marcus’s friends who are hooking up around them left and right, and the sexual tension is really high. They both really don’t want the blizzard to end because that means the end of their time together.
It’s an enjoyable story and I enjoyed Marcus’ grumpy side. He’s a great character because he isn’t sure if he’s ready to be in another relationship, he’s willing to give Frankie a chance, to really give a relationship a shot.
This was my first time reading a story by Ms. Cullinan, but I will probably give her another try. She does a good job of investing me in the characters and their lives. I really liked the small town of Logan, Minnesota and the way she crafted all the characters and described the town.

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