Friday, May 4, 2018

Book Review: 'Leonardo DiCaprio is a Vampire' by Julie Lynn Hayes


Fisher had lived his life as controlled and predictable as possible, except for one factor–Hunter Long his best friend and housemate. Now he must decide on whether he may lose his friend, or learn to live a little and not be so uptight.
Fisher and Hunter really are a dynamic duo, which I enjoyed getting to read about. Both of them have unique stories, to fit their opposite personalities, yet they are able to find common ground and not only become best friends for the better part of their life, but also to nurture the budding feelings they seem to harbor towards one another. Hunter is extremely outgoing and you can tell why people tend to be drawn to him. Fisher on the other hand is more if an introvert preferring a more structured life because of his upbringing. Each have large hearts and want to best for the other, despite their differences, which truly made these two endearing to me.
This was a nice light and playful story, which was exactly what I needed and was looking for. While I really enjoyed the characters, one thing that remained a mystery to me was what Hunter’s being a vampire really had to do with the story. It didn’t seem to play a large role in the story, and I would have enjoyed the story just as much without this element. It did not take away from the story either, because Hunter and Fisher just have such larger than life personalities.
I really enjoyed the romantic development and progress throughout the story. It felt very genuine to me, as if I can find it being played out in real life somewhere. This made me feel more emotionally attached to both the characters and the outcome. If I was looking for a nice playful yet romantic story I would definitely pick this one up again

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