Sunday, May 27, 2018

Book Review: 'If You Want Me' by Tara Mills


Naomi has been single for over six months and has sex on the brain. Getting slightly drunk at her friend’s Bachelorette party, she boldly announces her desire to get laid, and is hurriedly carted back to her duplex by a friend. Alone again, she calls one of the groomsmen – Ryan – and gives him a sexy ultimatum, if you want me, come get me. What follows is a wonderful mixture of hilarious and sexy start of their relationship.
Naomi is a great heroine, smart and relatable, I loved her declaration in the opening pages of wanting to get laid – because really, who hasn’t said something similar when half-drunk at a girls night out? Ryan is a sweet and eager hero, someone who I’d enjoy to come running when I called late at night. I really enjoyed how neither character is perfect, they’re funny, sweet and all the more interesting for their flaws, but they also so clearly work seamlessly together. The set up of the plot isn’t anything blindingly new – a friend’s wedding, a long standing crush on one of the groomsmen and alcohol fuelled bravery – but I still felt as if anything could happen. I was a little disappointed that Naomi lost her gumption a bit the following day, but it did make Ryan work for it, which was sweet. The author still managed to make a very traditional, well-known story seem fresh and different, and that little bit of humour added in between Naomi and Ryan had me laughing in places.
This is somewhat raunchy, caught between a traditional romance and a deliciously explicit, steamy novel. All the scenes are written tastefully, with a light touch and I found them sexy without pushing the envelope. Almost from the beginning I was rooting for Naomi and Ryan to hook up and found the outcome of their spicy relationship to be very satisfying.

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