Saturday, May 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Here All Along' by Lilly Avalon


This was a cute story that drew me in from the beginning. I liked both characters. Considering its length, and the fact that it really only has one scene, I think Ms. Avalon did a wonderful job showing the reader who they were and what led up to them discovering that the person they’d be looking for was right under their own roof.
The sex in this is a slow burn. Unlike some short reads the author didn’t dive into the sex scenes, but instead kept me captivated with a look, a touch, a kiss etc. that had me turning the pages. There’s a big payoff at the end not only with the sex, but the fact that these two people have the promise of a future they hadn’t yet realized.
If you like short sexy reads about two people who seem destined to be a couple, I’d give Here All Along a try.

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