Saturday, May 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Forever Beside You in Time' by Bess McBride


Aurie has some very romantic ideas about Edwardian England. Will the reality live up to her dreams?
Aurie is definitely a fish out of water. Despite having read countless books on Victorian and Edwardian England, Aurie never could have prepared for the reality of living in a time that was much more restrictive, particularly for women. With Jonathan’s help, Aurie struggles to conform to the standards of the time. Both quickly develop feelings for each other, but Jonathan is not a free man. Only his fiancée can set him free, and she doesn’t seem inclined to let him go.
Ms. McBride definitely kept my attention throughout the novel. I was constantly wondering how in the world Jonathan would get out of his engagement. Jonathan is a man of honor who always tries to do the right thing. He would never break his word, even though he can hardly stand Emily, his fiancée. The whole situation is heartbreaking.
I do think that Jonathan and Aurie become attached too quickly. They hardly know each other and yet suddenly they are intensely in love. I would have liked the pacing of their relationship to slow down a bit, especially at the beginning. However, Jonathan and Aurie do have the opportunity to get to know each other better on the tour. As I watched their relationship blossom, it became increasingly clear that they are perfectly suited for each other.
Emily is a thoroughly unlikable character. I felt sorry that Jonathan ever had to associate with such a cold woman. I must admit that I was very confused by Emily’s conduct toward the end of the book. At first she seemed intent on having Jonathan and making Aurie’s life miserable. However, she suddenly switched her focus to other pursuits. Emily is known for her cool exterior, but she really seemed to unravel toward the end of the story. Her actions were quite erratic at times. Despite this issue, she made a good villainess. Her nasty behavior made me cheer for Aurie and Jonathan even more.
I enjoyed reading Forever Beside You in Time. Jonathan and Aurie’s romance is touching, and I found the solution to their predicament to be quite interesting. Looking to travel back in time? Give Forever Beside You in Time a try.

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