Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Book Review: 'For Me' by Wendy Burke


Even doctors, who fix people, need someone to fix them up occasionally.
Abby Hill is a workaholic and needs to take some time out for herself. After a series of unsuccessful, shallow hook-ups she tries Madam Eve’s services – One Night Stand Agency – and hopes that there is someone out there who will appreciate a forty something woman with generous hour-glass curves.
Of course there is! Enter Casey Rupp, a businessman who can have whatever he wants, or so it has always seemed, but now he wants a woman at his side who is more than just eye candy. He wants, needs, a woman of substance, a woman who can hold her own and is the yin to his yang.
I always enjoy the One Night Stand books, they’re hot, quick and indulgent. Ms Burke has contributed a nice addition to the series with For Me, with realistic characters and what is probably more important, a realistic emotional situation for two people to find themselves in. The hero has a nice element of cockiness to him but Abby certainly could stand up for herself. It was great to see them both letting go and getting hot and sweaty. The author injected nice realism and of course a wonderful happy ever after.
Enjoy One Night Stand and Madam Eve’s knack for pairing up lost souls? Then grab a copy of For Me and treat yourself.

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