Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Book Review: 'Fake Marriage Act' by Lulu Pratt

Lulu Pratt has successfully launched her career as an author of Chick Lit and BILLIONAIRE NEIGHBOR is her latest contribution to that ever-popular genre. Her other novels are IN DEEP, MAKING HIS BABY, GOING DOWN, OVERLOOKED, NEVER, RELENTLESS PURSUIT, DEAR SANTA: A BAD BOY CHRISTMAS ROMANCE, RECHARGED, BEST JERK, OVERPROTECTED, BILLIONAIRE NEIGHBOR, and now FAKE MARRIAGE ACT.

Lulu has a running start on her competition with the cover of this particular book – an Adonis gratefully not smeared with grotesque tattoos. And she kindly offers a summary of the story to come on page one – ‘Fake a marriage for a million dollars? Easy. My buddy knows I think relationships – and women – are too much trouble. So as a joke he signed me up for a reality TV show. Marry a stranger and after six months get a million dollars. Even better I can walk away first and still get my half, an easy half million in my pocket. Sign me up. Then Mira walks down the aisle, her killer curves filling out the wedding dress. Her full lips are begging for a response when I’m told I can kiss the bride. I’m not leaving this marriage until I taste her. But she has other ideas. These six months are going to be… hard.’

She opens her story innocently enough in her description of her concept – ‘“Mr. Ryan Carson, this is Evelyn Owens, Producer with GNTV Networks,” she said. “I have your application in front of me and I do have to say, you seem to be exactly what we’re looking for! If you could call me back at this number right away I would really appreciate it! Have a fantastic day!” I furrowed my brow, realizing it couldn’t have been a mistake, she knew my name. What application was she talking about? I hadn’t applied for anything, not in a really long time. I picked up the phone and dialed the number, intrigued by the call. I really hoped it wasn’t a spammer. “Evelyn Owens’s office, Sue speaking,” the secretary answered. “Yes, I’m Ryan Carson, a Ms. Owens called and left a message,” I replied. “Mr. Carson, thank God you’ve called, she’s been in a panic all morning,” the secretary said, further confusing me. “Hold just one moment.” “I think you might be mista—” I sighed, as I was put on hold, but only for a brief moment. “Mr. Carson, this is Evelyn,” she answered excitedly. “I thought you might not call back.” “I’m sorry, Ms. Owens, I don’t understand what this is about,” I replied. “Oh! Well, you’ve been selected for our new reality TV series,” she said, excitedly, with that used car salesman tone back in her voice. “It’s really very exciting.” “I — what?” I almost burst into laughter at the thought. “I didn’t apply to be part of a reality show.” “Well, that’s odd,” she giggled. “I have your application and headshot right here in front of me. Ryan Carson, twenty-nine, six feet two inches, green eyes, lives in rural Indiana, owns a mechanic shop—” “Yeah, that’s me,” I said, shaking my head, until suddenly a light bulb went off, and I knew exactly what had happened.’

And so it sizzles – a unique tale bound to satisfy erotica lovers. Grady Harp, May 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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