Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Exposing Ellen' by Skylar Kade


Sometimes the best way to shake up an old, tired routine is by trying something out of your comfort zone, but little does Ellen know exactly how much one night could change her life.
The sizzling chemistry between Ellen and Aimee is not to be missed. Their personalities complement one another perfectly, and the spark between them is evident as soon as they meet. Ellen’s sexual innocence and Aimee’s world-weary demeanour blend together beautifully, especially when they take advantage of their strengths in the bedroom.
Ms. Kade has a smooth writing style that makes it hard for me to stop reading. Her descriptions of her character’s bodies, surroundings, and feelings are so colorful that it’s as if she’s packed a novel’s worth of experiences into a short story. She has a sharp eye for detail that works incredibly well in such a limited amount of space.
What really earned this tale it’s 5 star rating, though, was the witty, playful dialogue. I expected to read some hot scenes, but I never thought I’d be as amused as I was by how these characters express their personalities in everything they do and don’t say. I don’t know if Ms. Kade is planning to write a sequel, but I would be very interested in catching up with Aimee and Ellen again soon if there are any more adventures planned for them.
Exposing Ellen is the perfect tidbit for anyone in the mood for something short, sexy, and fun. It’s the kind of story I can see myself returning to over and over again.

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