Friday, May 4, 2018

Book Review: 'Eagle’s Heart' by Alyssa Cole


Salomeh Jones is a teacher accused of having inappropriate relations with a female minor in her care. Julian Tamali is a special liaison on the Balkan Gangs Squad Special Task Force. Bardhyn Murzaku is the criminal that brings these two total strangers together.
Be the heroine of your life, not the victim. These are words that Salomeh has said to her students and friends and words she put into action. Eagle’s Heart is a believable action full novel that I enjoyed reading. It is an adrenaline powered ride that I wasn’t expecting. A well written rigid action suspense with a blend of romance.
A beautiful night with the sky filled with fireworks at a rooftop party, Julian is captured at the first sight of Salomeh. Salomeh is suspicious that Julian is a reporter trying to get information about the allegations against her or worse, he could be working for Bardhyn. But neither is true. With all the mayhem going on, Julian and Salomeh find time to escape reality and have a pleasurable night of fantasy.
I enjoyed that Salomeh was a stand up and fight for herself kind of woman. Julian has a dark past but changes his life around to do better, building in him a strong character to see that Bardhyn answers for his criminal ways. Two strong main characters both together brings about a satisfying vibrant read.
The author contrived a clever plot that gave a fresh new storyline that was unpredictable. Bardhyn is a bad guy that is easy to hate. With dealings of weapons, drugs, selling of girls and much more illegal activity. The author throws in car explosions, arson and a family member whose mind has been poisoned by his lies.
There were a few sentences overlooked in the editing processed and I didn’t care for the use of the charactor’s first name some parts of the book and then later in the book use of their last name.
Salomeh’s career and life are on the line and Julian’s desperate attempts to save her could cost both their lives. I enjoyed each exciting moment and encourage everyone to get a copy today!

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