Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Dying to Know' by T.J. O’Connor


Dying to Know is a clever murder-mystery with a twist: the victim, a police detective, is investigating his OWN murder.
‘Tuck” Tucker discovers the myriad of limitations of ghostly life to be an annoyance when investigating, although of course, there is the odd benefit too. Just how friendly is his heartbroken wife Angela, with his own old Partner and best Friend Bear Braddock? He can see what Bear is investigating but can’t always see exactly what he wants. Hercule, his dog, is the only one that seems able to see or hear him.
The Captain, a couple of sleazy cops, heck, even other ghosts are believable enough, but at times… mystery fans will find circumstances that stretch the bounds of the plausible. The pace of the story keeps you interested though; you are, in fact, dying to know. It is in no way tough to keep reading. By the time you have some doubts, you pretty much share Tuck’s suspicions and are reviewing every single clue in your mind.
In this story, clues are mostly events. They are happenings that Tuck experiences or sees, and has to try to decipher. Human interaction is evaluated, but within Tuck’s limitations. He’s not able to open doors or go places at will, so his investigation is a struggle. The value of his investigation becomes clearer (and more important) as the story moves forward, because he’s likely not the only victim.
Dying to Know kicks off with a shock: “Someone killed me – murdered me in my own home.” O’Connor’s dramatic start leads us into an intriguing puzzle. Yes, at times incredible, but the mystery itself is well done, the writing beautiful and the story overall haunting, charming, and engaging. Do read

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