Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Book Review: 'Detecting Love' by Peter Styles

Author Peter Styles is a young gay author with thirty-one books under his belt already. Though he gives little in the way of biographical data, if the photograph on his bio page is indeed the author he does indeed command our attention! He writes in series format frequently but this book may be a standalone MM Contemporary Romance. The story pairs unlikely men as couples – in this case men in the crime prevention system.

Peter has written a love story between a straight-shooting policeman and a reformed offender and opens his yet undeveloped story with an interesting Prologue: ‘Ethan lined up his shot carefully, gauged the distance, then threw, laughing aloud in celebration when the paper ball hit the center of Danny's forehead with a solid thwack. "Come on, nerd," he said teasingly. "You've been ignoring me for that book all night." Danny picked up the paper ball and tossed it back in Ethan's direction without even looking up, missing by a mile. "Some of us have exams tomorrow," he said pointedly. "And not everyone can be a natural genius like you." Ethan scoffed, but slid off the bed to step up behind Danny, rubbing at his shoulders. "You’re gonna do fine," he said confidently. "Besides, you really have been at this for hours. You need to take a break." He ran his hands down the front of Danny's shirt, leaning in to press a kiss to his neck. Danny hummed happily at the contact, tilting his head to the side to allow more access. "I don't suppose you have any suggestions on what I could do on this break?" Danny asked, raising an eyebrow. "Whatever makes you happy, of course," Ethan replied innocently…’ And then comes the romantic tale.

The synopsis offers the outline – ‘ What happens when a detective falls in love with the criminal he is interrogating? Daniel has been rising through the ranks at the Gannon City Police Department, and it's not by chance -- he's dedicated himself to his job with a single-mindedness no one could question. As a detective, he's ended up with a case that could make or break his career. He's not going to stop until the guilty are brought to justice, no matter what the personal cost. Ethan has a past he's not proud of, and he's doing his best to move beyond it. Instead of working with the town's criminals, he's pulling long shifts at the local gas station and barely making ends meet, but somehow he gets arrested for a crime he didn't commit anyway. When the two men come face to face in an interrogation room, both of their lives are turned upside down. Daniel and Ethan might have dated in college, but now they couldn't be more different. Daniel is a hardworking detective with a passion for justice, while Ethan is trying to escape a criminal past and just live his life. When the passion between them can't be denied any longer, can they overcome their preconceptions of each other to find love before it's too late?’

Open the book and enjoy a well-written, very erotic novel with a lot of twists that keep the tension rising. A fine read. Grady Harp, May 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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