Saturday, May 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Desperately Seeking Suzanna' by Elizabeth Michels


This fairy tale story captivated me from beginning to end. It was very reminiscent of Cinderella, and even included balls, an evil mother, and a sister placed ahead of her in her family’s eyes. And Like Cinderella, Sue somehow discovers an inner strength and claims what is rightfully hers, which includes the Holden the man who has been searching for Suzanna longer than either of them realize.
I was immediately smitten with this story, and did not want it to end. Sue is the oldest sister, yet she has seem to lived in her sisters’ shadow being the plain daughter–as her mother so often reminds her. With the prospects of landing an eligible bachelor almost nonexistent, she decides to throw caution to the wind and enjoy herself for one evening. Yet, that one evening alters her life forever, by introducing her to the world she has skirted on the outside of for so long. I could not help but root for Sue from beginning to end, and hope to get more glimpse of her wild side she affectionately names Suzanna.
Holden has his own secrets he must keep tucked away, or he risks not only his reputation, but a scandal that will devastate his entire family’s existence in higher society. When he meets Suzanna, she shakes up his world more than anyone has done. Now he finds himself on a wild goose chase for the missing seductress, while finding himself falling in love with the sensible and witty Sue. Holden seems to be a scamp on the outside, but I quickly realized this was a facade used to keep others at a distance. In fact, below the surface of his charm, he is a caring and compassionate man wrapped in a pretty package with a bow. This made me want to learn more about him, as well as discover all of his hidden secrets he hides so well.
The entire courtship of these two is truly fascinating and one I will not soon forget. I love how they come to care for one another so naturally throughout the story, it really added a ring of truth to the relationship. I could not help but smile sometimes at the budding relationship because it was based on genuine fondness of one another and seemed so natural. I have sometimes felt historical romances a bit outdated, but Desperately Seeking Suzanna was anything but outdated, and I can truly say I would anticipate reading this story again an falling in love with it all over.

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