Thursday, May 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Delta Blues' by Ellen Cross


A fascinating and new spin on the paranormal romance, Delta Blues was the one of the best shifter books I’ve read in awhile. Ryan has lived a life of abuse and captivity but just one moment with Gray and he’s willing to suffer any amount of punishment for just one more moment of peace with him.
Gray, is an Alpha wolf and a Dire wolf to boot, which means when he shifts he’s huge, and very much in charge. He saves Ryan and their mating and love story may be fast forwarded but I felt every moment with them. I really hope to read more in this world. This book does a great job setting up the rules of the world and introducing characters who might want to take that world down and reshape it into a better world.
Ryan is a Delta and definitely not the type of character who would normally be in charge in situations but the way Ryan charges in to save the man he loves. I really loved that amount of moxie, It really made Ryan someone I could easily root for.

Overall, this is a great new world and series that I hope to spend more time in. I highly recommend it for fans of unique and fun MM paranormal romance.

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