Monday, May 14, 2018

Book Review: 'Deadly Pleasure' by Lexxie Couper


Deadly Pleasure is Lexxie Couper’s latest excursion to spaceport Mercy, a world filled with danger, unique beings and lots of steamy passion.
Three years ago, Unit Zero Agent Thanatos trained Falynn Mavek to be the second best assassin in the Galactic Union, second only to himself. After one glorious night of hot, toe curling sex, he walked out her door to head out on a mission, one he never returned from. Now, three years later, Falynn has been sent to Spaceport Mercy to kill a man and capture a bio weapon of unknown origin, along with her reconfigured battle droid 42. The man is Corvan Jareth, and the weapon is actually a six year old girl named Emylie. When Falynn comes face to face with her target, she is stunned to see that Corvan Jareth is actually her mentor, and the man who took her heart when he left, Agent Thanatos. What Falynn, Code Name Proserpina, doesn’t know, is Corvan is not just a man; he is a Phase, a being considered myth to those who have ever heard of them. He is able to be in many dimensions and times, and can Call his other ‘selves’ to him when needed. When 42 captures Emylie after the Galactic Union overrides his protocols, can Corvan and Falynn rescue her and stop 42 from his new mission? Can Falynn accept a life away from the GU with Corvan and Emylie? Can Corvan find a way to keep them safe and stop the evil experiments still going on?
This is a dangerous world Ms. Couper has built, a world I found intriguing and pulse quickening. It is a dark world, and the characters are edgy and lethal, but with hidden gentleness and complexities. I like this world, for the adventure and passion Ms Couper brings to it.
Falynn Mavek, code name Proserpina, is a strong and independent woman. Trained by Unit Zero Agent Thanatos, she is the second most dangerous assassin of the Galactic Union. When her mentor Thanatos leaves on a mission, then vanishes without a trace, he takes her heart with him. She goes on to become an emotionless assassin, determined to care about no one or nothing. When she gets her new assignment, she comes face to face with the one man she could never get over. I liked Falynn for her pragmatic approach to life, but enjoyed watching her come back to life as she confronts Thanatos/Corvan, her target on this mission. I also liked that she was able to see past the dogma of the Galactic Union, and think for herself.
Corvan ‘Thanatos’ Jareth is a dangerous and intense individual, deadly to any he believes to be his enemy. But he has a gentle heart, and knows his last official mission was wrong, and so instead of killing his target, he rescued her, and has kept her safe and alive for three years. When Falynn confronts him in his new life, he knows he has to convince her to help him, because he never forgot how she felt in his arms, and in his heart. I liked seeing him seduce and then convince the woman he couldn’t forget to join by him to protect the child he rescued so long ago. I like Corvan for his strength of character, and I really enjoyed his special talents unique to his species.
There is action, danger and adventure in this one, and a struggle by Falynn’s android companion when the Galactic Union overrides Falynn’s programming, sending him on a destructive path toward the child Corvan has fought to keep safe. But there is also passion, love and, since this is a Lexxie Couper story, lots of screaming hot sexy action, especially when Corvan brings several of his temporal selves in to one place to bring pleasure to Falynn. After all, what woman wouldn’t want her man to be able to answer her every desire with only his touch? I recommend this for those who like adventure and passion, in a small spaceport called Mercy.

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