Friday, May 25, 2018

Book Review: 'Coven, Sweet Coven' by Cheryl Dragon


Two sexy men and a woman who’s seen a vision of something that’s about to happen around Halloween. An intriguing combination that sets the stage for this short, sexy read.
Nat’s a likable heroine who won me over during a conversation with her brother who doesn’t seem to understand who she is, and who she needs to be. The dialogue is very natural sounding throughout the story, and the pacing moves along at a clip.
The two main things that kept me reading were, would Nat stay with her two guys, and what was the bad thing that was going to happen at Halloween. The author did a great job balancing out the mystery and the romantic/erotic element of this story.

So if an erotic ménage story with a dose of paranormal suspense is your cup of tea, this will probably be a good pick for you.

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