Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Book Review: 'Country Roads' by Nancy Herkness

Cover_Country Roads

An engaging and sweet romance, I read this in nearly one sitting.
Julia has been incredibly sheltered her entire life, and so watching her find her courage and spine and break out on her own was wonderful. Honestly, there were still times I wanted to smack her, and I did not like her family at all — until I “met” them. I’m a pretty independent person, so simply couldn’t imagine allowing anyone to have the kind of control over me that Julia’s family did over her. Still, while their behavior was far too overbearing, her family had her best interests at heart. They just didn’t realize that she’d grown up and had a mind of her own. Thank heavens she finally broke free, because she’s really a great heroine.
Paul is a sweetheart. In fact, I’m still trying to figure out whether he has any flaws. He’s kind, intelligent, handsome, smart and self-sacrificing. Of course, there are several times he’s resentful of the sacrifices he’s been forced to make, but ultimately he’s just a really nice guy. He leans toward being a bit controlling, too, so watching him try to curb those tendencies as Julia struggles to become more independent was interesting. This was especially true when it came to Darkside, Julia’s “whisper horse”.
This was my first trip to this town and its people. I’ve since discovered that Country Roads is book two in a series, but very easily stands on its own. The book has the small town flavor I enjoy, where everyone knows everyone and folks are in each other’s business. The characters, including some of the horses, are unique and interesting and really make the story as strong as it is. The plot didn’t have tons of conflict, especially in regards to the romance, but even so it kept me completely engaged and interested. I’m looking forward to revisiting this town, and perhaps going back and reading book one. Nancy Herkness is a skilled writer and I’m glad I read this book.

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