Thursday, May 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Claiming The Rebel’s Heart' by Alison Stuart


I found this bit of history in the making fascinating and I really loved the people involved. The King’s men against the rebels reminded me very much of our own American Revolution with our rebels against the King.
Deliverance and her sister, Patience lived in a castle which was under attack by the King’s men. Captain Luck Collyer is sent by their father to help protect them. They are so outnumbered I could not imagine how they could possibly manage to defeat the enemy. They are, however, prepared to fight to the death against all odds.
This is not, however, a depressing story. It is full of fun and conflict between Luke and Deliverance. She had been in charge of the castle and was not willing to give it up to him. I loved the interaction between them. It is wonderful, fun and unique. She was not the typical mousy woman that he had expected to find. I smiled a lot while reading about the conflict between them, and even laughed out loud a couple of times.
Throughout the siege there are two beautiful love stories. Yes two, although one is not mentioned as often. I enjoyed them both. There is also a lot of fighting, death and destruction from the very beginning, which is to be expected. However, all the fighting is important to the story line, and not just thrown in to explain the war. This author also lets you feel the hope for the future in the story.
This story doesn’t end the way I expected — it ends even better! Honestly, I loved this story.

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