Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Book Review: 'Claiming Amelia' by Jessica Blake

Florida author Jessica Blake is the author of eight hot alpha billionaire romances. Having produced the Crystal Brook Billionaires and the Bluegrass Billionaires series, CLAIMING AMELIA may just be the beginning of a new step.

This is a Boston setup – a South Boston atmosphere to be clear - and the story is a romance between Declan and Amelia, a couple separated by time but joined by magnetic forces. First we meet Declan – ‘The problem with being a legitimate businessman in this part of Boston was dealing with the more unsavory characters that came with my line of work. If my father, the great Patrick Casey, had still been in charge, he would’ve probably sent a couple thugs with a Glock or two to deal with this [], then pay off someone at the docks to get rid of the evidence. That was how he built the family business. He and his iron fist had run it right up until the day he died of a heart attack five years ago. Everyone expected me and my brothers to run things the same way, violent and ruthless, but we had other plans. Instead of making reputations, we were interested in making money. And it was hard to make a lot of money when you were either in jail or constantly worried about being put there. Or six feet under.’
And then Amelia steps onstage – ‘This was the right thing to do, I kept reminding myself. My family needed me. Mobile, Alabama did not. It’d been made abundantly clear to me over the past few weeks, and now all that was left was to act on my decision and make my exit. It was time, and I knew I was stalling — a huge chunk of my heart didn’t want to return to Boston. The cold winters. The gruff people. The harsh accents that I hadn’t heard regularly in almost seven years. After high school, I’d booked a ticket using the money I’d made waiting tables and moved to Savannah, Georgia to attend culinary school. My parents had been heartbroken and pleaded with me to find somewhere closer, but I’d persisted. I wanted out of our Dorchester neighborhood, out of the grind of hustling and slaving away for peanuts at an hourly retail job like all my friends had planned, and away from the violent characters I’d grown up around.’

And so the two join again, different people in perspectives but similar in needs, as the synopsis points out: ‘She’s back. She’s beautiful. And I plan to make her mine. Although I come from a family who talks with their fists, I rule the Southside of Boston more strategically... with brains, and a little brawn, if necessary. Mess with me, and I'll take you down. What I don’t expect is to be taken to my knees by little Amelia Byrne, the blue-eyed goddess who’s swept back into my life. She was too young for me when she left the Southside. She isn’t too young anymore. Amelia is quickly becoming my obsession. My addiction. And she’s got secrets she doesn’t want me to know. But I have secrets too. The first one is that I plan to claim her. And when she’s mine, I’ll never let her go.’

A great little romance – especially if you know Boston. Jessica Blake has it down well. Grady Harp, May 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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