Thursday, May 10, 2018

Book Review: The Bride Insists by Jane Ashford


One crazy condition in order to inherit a fortune – would you marry for money?
I like books that have conventions and traditions that are being thrown out the window. Clare is supposed to marry in order to inherit a fortune. Where others might balk, she agrees. Jamie is the man in question and he also agrees–but he’s got ulterior motives.
As much as I liked this book, I wasn’t keen on some of Jamie’s motives. He wants to fix his house. He wants her to become someone she’s not. I get the conventions of the times. A woman should obey her husband. She should be submissive to him and agree to what he wants. I also get that the influx of women being stronger and more forthright is a bit of a modern convention. But as much as Clare isn’t a conventional woman, she does succumb to a conventional means to find a husband. I guess I expected more from her and Jamie.
That said, these two characters are quite well matched. Jamie might have had other plans, but I liked how Clare did come into her own. The heat between them is palpable once they sorted out what they each wanted and I enjoyed reading it.
If you want a solid historical, then The Bride Insists might be what you’re looking for.

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