Saturday, May 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Branded by Lust' by Desiree Holt


If you’re out to catch a vicious Chupacabra then you definitely want Logan Tanner watching your back.
Branded by Lust is the fourth book in the Night Seeker series by Ms Holt. There is a deadly Chupacabra on the prowl with a taste for human blood and murder. The Night Seekers have to come to arms to eradicate the menace. Logan Tanner is an established member of the team and also a shifter, Rebecca Black, human, is new to the unit. Both are determined on their mission.
Ms Holt does a great job of setting up a scary initial situation with vivid descriptions of the beast’s victims and then also showing the immediate electricity and attraction between Logan and Rebecca.
While tracking and trailing the beast things get hot between the hero and heroine. The sex scenes are well-written, engaging and I wouldn’t mind a bit of Logan myself! The relationship and depths of their feelings grow very quickly but in this imaginative world created by Ms Holt is still seems believable.
At times I would have liked the mission side of the story to move quicker and with less detail, I was keen to get to the naked and sweaty action – but maybe then that’s just my dirty mind! There are lots of secondary characters in the plot, and I believe if I’d read the entire series they would have had more impact on me as I read this one. The story is narrated not just from Logan and Rebecca’s viewpoints but also some of these secondary characters from time to time including the Chupacabra.
I had never heard of El Chupacabra (Spanish for goat sucker apparently) and after reading Branded for Lust I really don’t want to meet one! Scary stuff, so consider that when picking up this book, there’s some toe-curling, bloody scenes with a monster that could give you nightmares. On the other hand though there is a hot hero, a likeable heroine and some definite fodder for steamy dreams!
If you like a mystery and a bit of suspense thrown in with your sexy romance then Branded by Lust might be a book for you.

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