Thursday, May 10, 2018

Book Review: 'At The Turning Point' by Beth Carpenter


Donna woke up after too much wine, in the wrong hotel room next to Ross (first name or last she wasn’t quite sure). While celebrating her divorce with a weekend in Vegas, hooking up with a stranger wasn’t what she’d had in mind. Getting married had been the last thing she’d been thinking of – but the ring on her finger and vague memories of walking down the aisle weren’t something she could ignore. Ross is a sweet man, but when Donna’s ex – Mark – starts calling her things begin to get quite complicated.
This is a well written short story, but quite different from what I was expecting. There isn’t a traditional Happily Ever After, which surprised me when I got to the twist near the end. Readers who don’t mind a more non-traditional ending might find this refreshing, but those who expect their hero and heroine to walk into the sunset happily together might be disappointed or upset. I think the author definitely deserves kudos for taking a risk – regardless of the type of ending one desires. What seems a fairly simple plot is also delightfully complicated. In a very short space the author manages to catch us up on Donna’s life, introduce us to Ross and I found myself really invested in the situation Donna found herself in. This isn’t your standard Vegas story, even if the trappings and summary might make it sound so.
For readers who are interested in a different take on a getting-drunk-and-married Vegas story, this might be a breath of fresh air. With characters I found I could relate to and a truly surprising twist at the end, this short story packs quite a punch.

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