Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Book Review: 'As Hot As It Gets' by Elle Kennedy


Elle Kennedy does not disappoint with this book ! The title is dead on too. This scorching hot romance is truly As Hot As It Gets.
Jackson’s book has been a long time coming for this happy reader. Wow ! Let’s just say that he was a surprise of the best kind. The absolute best alpha man. This sexy SEAL is ready to go for it with Mia. While Mia is fascinated by the big sexy SEAL, but she’s reluctant to get into anything right now. Still, it doesn’t take long for the silver tongued devil to get his first date, and he takes it from there. He shows her what he can do for her. It works and gets him the chance he needs.
I liked Mia. She was a strong woman who knows how to make her alpha man work for what he wants. She was a straight shooter who didn’t play games. I loved that about her. Then she had this simmering passion that was just waiting to be lit on fire. Jackson was the right man for that job. Boy was he ever ! I like reading about men like Jackson. He knew what he wanted and how to get it. A force of nature who blew right in and took charge in the very best way. He was a totally charming and irresistable guy. I couldn’t help but adore Jackson.
Okay, so I was excited about Jackson’s book. I loved the romance of the story. I liked that there was some family drama thrown in for the two of them and how they supported each other. I loved the steamy love scenes. The sexual chemistry was great, so the heat level was scorching. With some help from Jackson, Mia discovers that she is a naughty girl. There was nothing vanilla about the love scenes. Oh yeah, they were plenty dirty with lots of kinky stuff going on. They played around with some anal, spanking, toys and voyeurism. Yet, even as the relationship heats up, Jackson had to work hard to convince Mia that what they had was the real thing. The drama was intense, and helped to keep the reader in anticipation all the way until the ending.
The book was incredibly well written. That’s no surprise. I love Elle Kennedy’s writing style. We get a romantic love story along with the fantastic love scenes. So the plot was solid and it flowed just right. The conflict was good, with the family drama and personal problems for Jackson and Mia. It kept the story moving along at a fast pace. It was nice catching up with the characters from the previous books in the series. I enjoyed the chuckles when the crew got together. I have to put this out there too and hope that what I’m thinking is true. Just so you know …. a rowdy new crew came to town in this book. I was intrigued by these guys. Could a new series be just around the corner ? I hope so.
I enjoyed the heck out of this book. I sincerely think other readers will too. So I’ll be giving it a big recommendation.

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