Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Book Review: 'The Angel's Savior' by Martha Woods

Author Martha Woods specializes in paranormal romances which she writes in series, THE ANGEL’S SAVIOR marks the opening of new series Martha calls ANGEL ASCNESION PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES.

Martha has achieved that ability to create a ghostly atmosphere in a few pages, creating a space for her story to begin. From the start she has our rapt attention: ‘The forest was quiet, almost deathly so. Wind blowing through the trees the only sound to be heard, not even the animals daring to utter a single sound lest they alert the other creatures that called the forest home, the occasional utterance of dim whispers so silent that they could only exist in your mind doing just enough to make your skin crawl. The few that dared to walk through there swore afterwards that they could always see something out of the corner of their eyes, but no matter how much they turned it was always out of their reach. And then, of course, there were those that walked through and never came back. Blake was following a group right now that seemed to be determined to become the latter, his feet making no sound as they touched down on the dirt and leaves as he kept his careful distance. If they saw him this deep into the forest they were liable to drop dead on the spot from sheer shock, and that simply wouldn’t do. The leader of the group, a kindly looking old man from the town at the foot of the mountain, kept his head on a swivel with each step he took deeper into the thickness of the trees, not realizing for a second just how lost he was and continued to be with every step he took. “I’m getting real tired of having to herd you people out of here,” Blake said, eyes gleaming as he crouched down and pushed off the ground, soaring momentarily through the air before landing softly in the branches of one of the many trees. “But I’d rather you get back to your family in one piece rather than them just finding your head somewhere.”

Angels - that is how they dwell amongst us. From the angel Blake she weaves her story: ‘ A trapped angel. An unlikely romance. And a catastrophic plot that could change the fate of the entire world…Blake is the only thing standing between humans and a deadly evil. Exiled in his own prison he is trying not to let himself go any more insane than he already is. After years of isolation, Blake can feel his mind slipping away, but even he can still see the signs that something very wrong is about to occur. This time, he is the one who needs rescuing…Sophia wasn’t typical high school student. She has always felt like there was more to life than just school, boyfriends and partying. Feeling like this will be her last chance to spend some quality time with her best friends before they split up for college, Sophia convinces them to go away on one last adventure with her. But what she finds will stun her sense of self, as she unravels an ancient family secret that will put her trivial plans for college on the backburner for good.’

Brief but solid story and there are bonus books included in this publication - THE VAMPIRE’S DESIRE, THE ALPHA’S RETURN, and KISS OF THE VAMPIRE. A fine way to spend an evening no matter the season. Grady Harp, May 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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