Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Book Review: 'The 30-Day Work from Home Challenge' by Sam Kerns

Sam Kerns is a handsome serial entrepreneur who has spent the past 20 years writing about small business issues, opportunities: he loves teaching people how to work for themselves and pursue their own dreams. He proved this in his first publication HOW TO WORK FROM HOME, followed by HOW TO START A HOME-BASED FOOD BUSINESS, HOW TO BUILD A WRITING EMPIRE IN 30 DAYS OR LESS, HOW TO BRAND YOUR HOME-DASED BUSINESS, HOW TO PUBLISH A BOOK ON AMAZON, THE WEEKEND WRITER – HOW TO WRITE A QUALITY NON-FICITON BOOK IN TWO MONTHS EVEN IF YOU HAVE A FULL-TIME JOB, HOW TO RELAUNCH YOUR BOOK, THE WRITER’S TOOLKIT BOXED SET (Book 6 in his Work from Home Series) and now Book 8 from that series, THE 30 DAY WORK FROM HOME CHALLENGE making this ongoing series an indispensable part of every ‘stay at home business builder.’ Sam is successful in communicating his experience and ideas.

Now, the notable fact is that Sam’s books all sell very well, so if anyone can offer information and guidance on how to succeed in the field of self help books, Sam’s the man. This boxed set is indeed a boon for all those who have tired of the office and who dream of working form home – making a success of that desire.

The opener cautiously states – There are challenges but don’t be discouraged: ‘This chapter is not meant to bum you out. Some of the facts and figures quoted in it are dismal, and I debated about whether or not I should open the book with them. But the point of this book is to illustrate the importance of examining yourself and your idea before you take the life-altering step of starting a business— and then doing what you can to mitigate the risks. You see, I believe the old cliché is correct: knowledge is power. If you don’t understand the risks up front, you won’t see the importance of preparation. So read this chapter with a strong heart and know that in subsequent chapters I will show you how to overcome these odds and go on to start a successful business. Are you ready to see if you’ve got what it takes to be your own boss? Let’s get started. Quick— what’s your number one priority as a would-be entrepreneur? If you’re like most people your answer falls somewhere in the following responses: To make as much money as I can To create a product or service that benefits people and makes their lives easier To be my own boss To work my own hours To escape the rat race To leave a financial legacy to my family Although these are lofty goals, none of them should be your number one priority when thinking about starting a business. Certainly some of you have these goals, as you should, but before you can begin thinking about making a lot of money or quitting your 9 to 5, there is only one thing you should be focusing on: To prepare as much as possible before launching in order to ensure success It’s not as sexy as the previously listed goals I know, but the truth is that you can have the best intentions and the most innovative and disruptive business concept and still fail. How? By jumping in feet first instead of properly analyzing your idea and preparing yourself for entrepreneurship. Don’t believe me? Here are 2 sobering statistics about small business failures: According to the Labor of Statistics, only about 50 percent of new businesses are still open after the first year. According to Small Business Trends, only 40 percent of small businesses earn a profit, 30 percent of them just break even, and a sad 30 percent of them are losing money. That means out of all the people who started a business just a year ago, only half of them are still open and of those, only 40 percent earn a profit. And the other half? Despite all their hopes, best intentions and efforts, they had to say goodbye to their dream and close the doors to their business. Sad, isn’t it?’

But after all the well-considered warnings about small businesses, Sam opens the door to successful working at home. And with his guidance – and caution – he brings the reader to the point of realistic expectations and yet always provides the foundation for realizing dreams.

And the books and information grows from there in the following categories –Do You Have the Personality Traits and Skills to Be Your Own Boss? (And What to Do About it if You Don’t.), Do You Have a Product or Service That People Want to Buy?, (How to Know and What to Do About It if You Don’t.), Do You Have Enough Money to Start This Business? (How to Know and What to Do About it if You Don’t.), and Putting it All Together, Creating a Roadmap for Success, and a Surprise Ending.’

Another winner for Sam Kerns...and us! Grady Harp, May 18
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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