Monday, April 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Wrong Kiss' by Lexi Aurora

Author Lexi Aurora has published eight steamy romances about billionaires, bad boys, and the women who can't resist them. In her brief bio she states she writes because she believes in the power of a good story to help women walk through their lives feeling sexy and confident. She has gathered a series of fine male models for her covers and that is a big plus for the audience of Chick Lit stories.

Setting the tone for an ‘Enemies-to-Lovers’ romance can be tricky, but Lexi holds her own as we meet our main character – ‘Olivia was less than thrilled to be walking into her boss’ office. There were two reasons for this unhappiness, both of them relatively simple. The first was one she was pretty sure she shared with most people across the globe. Being called into the boss’ office was the grown-up version of being made to pay a visit to the principal. There was never any way of knowing the purpose of the visit. There was no way to tell in advance if you were in trouble or about to receive unsolicited praise. The second reason was, perhaps, more unique to her. Olivia enjoyed her work. It was important to her and she cared very little for interruptions. Technically, her boss was in charge of not only her but her work as well, but that didn’t mean Olivia didn’t see his asking for her as an intrusion on her productivity. There was the mild concern of being in trouble for something, but it was eclipsed by good old annoyance, and this radiated through her as she made her way to Mr. Wellington’s office, the clack of her heels on tile the soundtrack to her frustration. When she arrived at his large, wooden double doors, she glanced at his secretary. Mrs. Frank, who had a widely circulated reputation for hating just about everybody, peered back at her through the thickest glasses Olivia had ever seen. She rolled her eyes and began angrily sharpening a pencil, as if Olivia just being there was the worst interruption she had ever experienced.’

And she makes this initial encounter work well, as the plot unfolds: ‘Everything about him spells trouble. Unfortunately, everything about him spells temptation, too…I’ve always been an accepting person, but every time I look at Nick, I just don’t get why women are all over him. Okay, maybe I get it a little bit. He is more than fine on the outside. He’s got money, stone-cold-looks, and body that gets me caught staring at all the wrong times. It’s just too bad he’s got to open his mouth sometimes too. I wish my best friend would get that through her head. I don’t care if she thinks Nick’s best friend is the one. I don’t care that she has some fantasy about us all getting married and having kids together. It’s not going to happen. I’m pretty set on the idea that Nick is the last person I would ever sleep with. Plus, I’ve seen the type he sleeps with. He’s not into the curvy type. I guess though… If there was a chance, and if he promised to only use his mouth for things other than talking. I could make an exception just once.’

Fine short steamy story with a couple of additions at the end of the book to tease her fans. Lexi seems to have the concept down pat! Grady Harp, April 18

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