Thursday, April 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Willing Hands' by Silvia Violet


I adore bear shifter stories, and Ms. Violet gave me a great one.  Will was both volatile like a bear but had a cuddly teddy bear side too, especially when it came to his mate.
Will’s temper has ruined a lot of things for him, but he is determined to not let his temper ruin the relationship that is forming with Ryan. I really liked Will because even though he’s a dangerous and temperamental bear shifter, he’s a sweet man who is kind to both animals and Ryan.
Ryan definitely needs Will’s kindness, because Ryan has had a hard life. He’s overcome some serious abuse, and watching him blossom and finally heal from that abuse under the care and love of Will adds a strong element of trust and realism to the story. Ryan was a great character who loves those around him and carries a lot of guilt because of his past, I enjoyed that he knows he wants Will and is willing to fight for him, and to go for what he wants.
I was a bit confused with parts of the story because a lot of past characters pop up, this is the fifth book in the series, and I haven’t read the others. While I was able to enjoy the story, I did feel like I missed a lot because I didn’t know all the characters and their back stories, but they were introduced like I should know them.
I did enjoy the scenes on the ranch with the horses, I enjoyed that there were lots of different types of shifters and I really enjoyed the scenes between Will and Ryan. I would definitely recommend this for fans of bear shifters, but I do think at least the book before may be essential to enjoying this story fully.

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