Sunday, April 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Violet Midnight' by Allie Burke


Elias knows Jane is unique, but he has no idea just how special she really is.
Elias and Jane are destined to be together. When they finally meet, it is very much a love at first sight connection. Even though it is easy to accept the fact that Jane and Elias are meant to be together, their relationship progresses at lightning speed. They barely have time to get to know each other before they are facing some life and relationship changing events that any couple, let alone a new couple, would find challenging. I would have liked to watch them spend more time together just being a normal couple before things became so serious.
Ms. Burke did a wonderful job describing the beautiful world she created. Jasmyn Lake sounds absolutely gorgeous. I also enjoyed the concept of enchanters and the way that Ms. Burket described their colorful auras. As I read, I could really see Jane’s purple aura floating around her. I do wish that more detail had been given concerning the history of the enchanters and the various families. Ms. Burke provides enough history to keep things from getting confusing, but I was left wanting more.
There is an epic battle toward the end of the book between Jane and her friends and a pack of unknown enchanters. However, there is very little explanation as to why Jane is being attacked in the first place. Even Jane didn’t seem to have any clear idea of why she was targeted. The scene was jam packed with suspense that had me on the edge of my seat, but without a clear explanation for why it was happening, it didn’t make much sense to me. I can only hope that more information is provided in the next book of the series.
Despite this issue, I enjoyed reading Violet Midnight. Jane is certainly an entertaining character and the world she inhabits is simply stunning. Fans of love at first sight romance should give this tale a try.

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