Thursday, April 12, 2018

Book Review: 'The Vanishing' by Rebekah Lewis


The problem with wandering through the woods alone is that there won’t be anyone else around to help you should something unexpected happen. It’s even more dangerous when the trouble is otherworldly in nature.
The opening scene gripped my attention immediately. I felt nearly as disoriented as Cadence did before I figured out what was going on. This was my first introduction to Ms. Lewis’ playful writing style. Based on how much I enjoyed it, I will be keeping an eye out for what she comes up with next. She appears to be quite comfortable using her vivid imagination for the science fiction and fantasy genres.
What didn’t make sense to me was the romance. The characters involved in it were fascinating as individuals, but they had many more reasons to distrust one another than they did to feel any sort of mutual attraction. I would have preferred to see them solve their problems without this subplot. It might have worked well in a sequel, but it wasn’t necessary for this story.
This world is filled with mysterious creatures. Many of them have already been described in the original version. It was amusing to see them again, especially the ones that I’d nearly forgotten reading about. While readers don’t need to have any previous knowledge of this universe, those of us who do remember the lesser-known parts of it will get a few extra chuckles out of this tale.
The Vanishing is a good choice for anyone who has ever wished they could really visit Wonderland.

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