Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Book Review: 'The Troublemaker Next Door' by Marie Harte


The Troublemaker Next Door is a very hot and sexy read but it also has a daunting job of world building to put all the players in place for the next heroine to find her HEA.
In this first book in the McCauley Brothers series, I met Flynn and Maddie. I have to admit, that the first time Flynn meets Maddie is quite memorable. A reader appreciates right away that the heroine is vocal, passionate, opinionated and rather loud – definitely a challenging heroine. That holds true for the rest of the novel.
Flynn on the other hand is a planner. He realizes just how special Maddie is and practices patience, to a degree. What the hero does do is seduce her and the techniques he uses are varied and inventive. To say that he is a hot specimen of a man is an understatement.
The basic conflict is internal and it mostly stems from Maddie’s side of the relationship. She has some growing to do and she has some family and friends that try to steer her in the right direction. They are a slightly manipulative bunch, but they mean well. Some of their schemes are rather amusing even if they don’t always work. It’s even more fun when they do.
Secondary characters are Flynn’s brothers and best friend Brody. Then there is Mike’s young son, who really stole the show in certain scenes. The dialogue was important in the novel because it helped flesh out their personalities and it showcased the roles they all played with regards to Maddie and Flynn.
A component that is explored in great inventive detail is Maddie and Flynn’s sexual relationship. Readers of erotic romances will find many interesting scenarios to enjoy. There is a bit of BDSM play, phone sex and role playing. Flynn rocks Maddie’s world because most of everything he does is new to her and she ends up discovering hidden sexual depths she never knew she had. Maddie finds out, with the right partner, sex is awesome. I liked watching her surprised pleasure with some of the things he tried. And I believe the only reason it worked so well is because the heroine truly was learning to trust the hero and that makes any sensual adventure in romance a success.
For readers who like a lot of bedroom action, this is a sure winner. For those like me who don’t require such varied adventures, the story doesn’t suffer from skipping a few of them. I think there might have been some experimentation with spanking and some anal teasing, but the romance and surrounding story is good enough on its own, I didn’t need to read every sexy encounter.
The Troublemaker Next Door is definitely a character driven romance. There is humor, laughter, emotional connections and a hero and heroine who strikes delightful sparks off of the other. It’s a fast easy read with a lot to enjoy. If the ending is to be a hint of who’s next, Abby is in for a big surprise. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer person. I can’t wait.

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