Monday, April 23, 2018

Book Review: 'Town Secrets' by Scott Gelowitz

Canadian author Scott Gelowitz is President of his chemical company as well as the author of a few short stories and the series, ‘The Book of Adam’. His genre is science fiction and his four part series THE BOOK OF ADAM is a middle-grade science fiction adventure series set in the author’s small prairie hometown of Grayson, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Scott’s writing sparkles with a mixture of science fiction, suspense, fantasy and humor. He understands well the parameters of young adult interests and writes in a manner that satisfies those interests well. But the quality of writing, at least in this Book 1 –TOWN SECRETS – is strong

A sample of Scott’s writing establishes interest – ‘Adam McTaggart sat in front of the grocery store wondering when his friends would arrive. While he waited, he heard the conversation of two familiar old ladies as they approached. “Did you hear? Something destroyed that town! There isn’t a soul left anywhere,” exclaimed Aggie. “I heard that some of the buildings are still standing, but not many,” replied Martha, looking down at her short friend. “Gives me the shivers. I’ve met people from there before. Seemed like normal folks to me,” said Aggie. Martha agreed. “I sure hope they find out what happened. I feel like going on a long holiday ‘til they figure it out. They’re not that far away from here.” Aggie nodded with a shudder. The elderly ladies walked and talked as they passed the grocery store, ignoring Adam completely. What did they say? A town was destroyed and the people are missing? Weird, he thought as he watched them turn onto Main Street and disappear out of sight. Although the sun was shining, it felt cool outside, especially for a summer day. The birds that usually filled the air with happy song seemed to sing sadly that morning. James Jones the Third, (he preferred Jimmy), and Kevin Baranov rode up on their bikes a short time later. Jimmy had a puzzled look on his face.’

So on to the plot outline ‘When a nearby town is destroyed and all of its residents disappear, thirteen-year-old Adam McTaggart wonders if his small hometown of Grayson is also in danger. After a discussion with George, the local conspiracy theory oddball, Adam and his wisecracking friends begin to believe that their suspicions could be correct, setting them on a quest to find out why they are in danger. Based on information they discover, they only have a week to figure it out. As the boys begin to unravel the past, they have no idea what scientific, historical, and mythical secrets they are about to discover - or just how much the Town Secrets will impact them, their town, and the rest of the world.’

Welcome to Scott’s world – you’ll likely return! Grady Harp, April 18

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