Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Book Review: 'Tigers are Forever' by Khloe Wren


Who’s up for some Siberian Tiger loving? This latest from Ms. Wren is loaded with lots of sexy scenes for erotic romance fans to drool over.
I liked how the author set up their relationship in the beginning. The three protagonists, Jaxson, Cooper and Ebony have a history. Ebony’s is rather sad and tragic so it makes sense that she is the sweet cream in the middle of two crusty, tasty cookies like the two heroes. They’ve wanted her for years but the timing had to be just right. It took the actions of some bullies for the guys to realize that the time is now and they’d better act fast. Once the motivation was in place it was a fast moving romance.
It’s good that Ms. Wren had her characters know each other prior and had them yearning for what they were too afraid to reach for, for various reasons, early on. Why? Because once the hurdles were shoved out of the way, the author wasted no time in switching gears and having Ebony fall the rest of the way in love with Jaxson and Cooper by means of physical expression. A LOT of physical expression – the kind that erotic romance stories are known for. At that point the story is focused only on them. The bullies are gone, external conflicts are gone; only Ebony, Jaxson and Cooper are on stage and readers will get their sensual fill.
Tigers are Forever gives erotic romance readers exactly what they look for – desire, passion, and the bedroom door blown wide open for all to enjoy. It’s a short story that gets right to the heat of the matter. If a sexy short-shot that can be read in one sitting is what a reader has a hankering for, this book delivers.

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