Thursday, April 26, 2018

Book Review: 'The Thorndyke Trilogy: Dispossessed' by Lynne Connolly


Lucille had been sheltered from the rest of the paranormal world, but Jay changed all of that in an instant. She knew that there was others out there, and also those who wanted to see the all dead, but she had not realized they were much closer than she ever thought.
Lucille is an intriguing character. She and her brother, Drew have lead a pretty sheltered life thus far. Their parents taught them only the bare basics about being a vampire, and protecting themselves before leaving them at what is considered a young age. This made Lucille automatically go into big sister mode and do whatever it took to provide and protect herself and her brother. This is something that I found endearing since she was willing to do what even their parents weren’t willing to. It also forced her to not be able to live her life, or even fully understand how to. While Jay may have sent her life into a whirlwind it was actually perfect timing, since he proves to be the one thing that can possibly keep them alive.
I have been following and reading author Lynne Connolly’s stories for years now, and Jay was exactly what I expected from one of her heroes. The author has always had a way of writing the right balance of burly and logical in her heroes. In other words, Jay is capable of protecting Lucille both using his physical abilities as well as mental. This balance is something you don’t always find in stories, so I find it refreshing.
The author clearly has an idea of what her paranormal creatures are like, and sticks to it. While this can be entertaining, I sometimes wish there was something unique about her various series. They all seem to relate to one another, and intertwine with one another. This makes it easy for me to follow as a reader, since I have read previous stories, but it can leave me wanting a bit more. I believe that if you are new to this author’s work, you can read this story and feel right at home.
This story really incorporates all types of plotlines. I have the romantic development, personal developments, and the conflict that kept me entertained. There are even a few twists, turns and kinks that shocked me and at times made me a bit giddy. I don’t want to ruin too much of the story, so I would just say pick it up and try it out yourself because there’s a good chance you will like it as much as I did and won’t be disappointed.

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