Monday, April 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Ted Bundy' by Ryan Becker

Ryan Becker is relatively new to the literary scene, a handsome young man with a penchant for the gruesome. His list of books to date are TRUE CRIME STORIES Volumes 1 and 2, ROBERT BERDELLA: The True Story of a Man who turned his Darkest Fantasies into a Reality Volume 1, EDMUND KEEPER: The True Story of the Brutal Co-Ed Butcher Volume 2, JEFFREY DAHMER: The Gruesome True Story of a Hungry Cannibalistic Rapist and Necrophiliac Serial Killer Volume 3 and now TED BUNDY The Horrific True Story behind America’s Most Wicked Serial KIller. At the end of this book his biography is scant though important – ‘Ryan Becker aims to write all the stories he has read and watched and letting himself be taken into the world of true mysteries and psychological murder crime stories. He also wants to share his experience of his younger days with the readers on how he immersed himself with the dark reality of the world. He loves to tell a true story that will make you solve a puzzle on your mind. He is now living with his wife and two sons. Ideally, Ryan wants to leave a mark on the reader with his dark true crime stories.’

And so in this very short book Ryan distills the mind and crimes of the real life Ted Bundy. In the Introduction Ryan delves into the psychology of Bundy’s fame as a killer: ‘When we are children, we spend our time watching cartoons or reading tales that make an effort of stressing the great duality of good and evil, mostly in a clich├ęd manner. We learn to spot the good guys as those handsome people with friendly smiles and helpful manners; while the bad guys are always quick to grin, appear ambitious, and openly cruel human beings that regularly reveal their intentions early into the story. However, in real life things are often not this easy. History has taught us that some of the despicable, merciless, and bloodthirsty monsters have typically been those people who demonstrated the behavior that we falsely believed to be signs of ‘goodness,’ signs that killers use to manipulate their victims and lull them into a false sense of security. Ted Bundy was one such man — best-known for doing this, in fact — a killer who was as friendly as he was seductive. A heartless and remorseless murderer, who overpowered and desecrated his victims’ bodies, both, before and after death. Their corpses becoming his playthings until they had grown rotten and he had to dispose of them. Bundy, quite possibly the most famous American serial killer alongside Jeffrey Dahmer. His name spread terror across the United States during the 1970s, thanks to his killing and raping spree. As well as two successful prison escapes that had women all around the nation terrified to go out at night. Was he prolific? Yes, very much so — he confessed to killing well over 30 women, but it is believed that he killed many more. Were his crimes widespread? Scarily, yes. Women in up to seven states were his targets, and he would have gone on for longer if he had not been stopped. Bundy was a natural-born killer who lived to cause pain, and you, the reader, are about to find out just how terrible the man was. Ted is the main protagonist of our book. The man who went on to be known as the ‘Campus Killer,’ as well as many other identities he adopted during his time evading law enforcement. This book will provide you with explicit details of his life and his killings. Murders, rapes, dismemberments, Bundy was a man who did it all, and we’ve researched it for your pleasure or disgust, depending on what you’re into. You see, we will not tone down the ugly parts nor cut out any of the gruesomeness that sensitive readers may have wished to avoid reading, so be warned…’

The synopsis of Ryan’s exploration into the life and crimes of Vermont born Ted Bundy is succinct and well scribed- ‘The most fearsome Serial Killer in U.S. history. A murderer’s tale is not always shrouded in darkness, trauma and failure to perform as a normal person. Some killers are just as successful in life as those around them or even more so. They are able to function as any regular human being and charm their communities and victims into believing that they are of a good, pure nature. Ted Bundy was a handsome, charming and ambitious man who carried his hatred deeper and more hidden than any other murderers do. He was able to lead a life that included normal friendships and relationships, and he even got far as both a student and a politician. But the hatred was there…it was always there…Bundy ended the lives of over thirty young women, ensuring that their final moments were ugly and violent. His torture methods were cruel, and there was no mercy shown to each female as he bludgeoned, strangled or cut them. Ted Bundy - The Campus Killer - a name of nightmares.!

Fine writing, expert investigation and documentation, and a pace that speeds the reader through this grotesque tale make this a book to recommend and an introduction to a solid writer. Incredible as it sounds, this book makes a fine if terrifying novel! And to add to the shivers, Ryan adds a Bonus Book of 12 other true crime stories at book’s end! Grady Harp, March 18

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