Monday, April 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Take a Chance, Cowboy' by Lacey Wolfe


Nathan thought he’d never teach horse riding lessons again, bad memories crowding everything helpful out of his mind. Seriously nervous, his mood isn’t helped when he’s interrupted by Angie – the best friend of his brother’s fiancĂ©e. Here to help with all the wedding preparations, Nathan is attracted, but having been seriously burned in the past isn’t sure he wants that kind of heartache again. Angie is ready to make some life-altering decisions. Having been fired from her job and with her lease up, she decides to give Deer Creek—and Nathan in particular—a go until after the wedding. Then she can decide if she wants to give the man, and place, a chance to change her life.
I was initially dismayed by how rocky things began between Nathan and Angie. Angie clearly had the hots for Nathan, and told him so right up front. Nathan, however, has never done “casual” and had zero interest in having or being a fling. This added quite a bit of tension between them, and while I could understand, it lessened the impact for me of their chemistry. I really felt for Nathan – who had been treated horrendously by an ex-lover. He’s everything I love in a cowboy hero, strong, loyal and steadfast. Angie was a little harder to read. While she seemed outwardly like a typical happy, sexy city girl, there were hidden pockets in her past and with her family that we learn as the book moves on. I was also a little sad she felt at times she couldn’t be honest with Nathan. While it was always for an understandable reason, someone as hurt as Nathan had been previously deserved the truth and respect. This diminished my enjoyment of Angie. I loved the setting of the book though, that wonderful small town feel and with a strong cast of family on Nathan’s side there were plenty of funny antics and happy moments to offset the tension.
There is a strong cast of secondary characters whom I thoroughly enjoyed, and clear links to past (and hopefully future!) books. The sex was hot and steamy. Spicy enough I’d not share it with my mother, but not outrageous or envelope pushing. I’m intrigued enough by Nathan’s family and the cast of characters that I will look into other titles by this author. Overall I really enjoyed this book. A few bumps couldn’t diminish the love and chemistry between Nathan and Angie and I was thrilled with their happy ending.

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